PackShots - CBE Vertex

Had a fun day shooting Pack Shots today.

The brief:

"Catalogue style, Isolated, but shot in a creative and arty way so that it can also be used in reviews of the product as well as creative advertising... "

Sure... no problem!

Set-up was simple: 2x Profoto Pro Heads with 3x4" Softboxes, 2x D1 Heads on the background.

Only thing different... I removed the diffusion panels to give the metal textures a bit more depth and gritiness


MindShift Rotation 180 Professional - Bag Review

MindShift Rotation 180 Professional - Bag Review

If you are a “On the Go” and active photographer, the MindShift bags are definitely for you!

I have been playing with the Rotation 180 backpack from MindShift for the last few days and what is remarkable is that every single photographer that has walked into my studio, stopped next to it, and picked it up. Photographers assume it’s a camera bag, and backpackers know it is, but it is possibly one of the best “active” backpack camera bags I have come across to date!

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Romantic Blue

The person to «blame» for this shoot is actually Nadja. The enigmatic beautiful stylist behind Vintage Vices store. The day her new fashion arrivals appeared in my Facebook page, I knew I have the perfect team to shoot a lookbook of bohemian romantic clothing range. 


Lace, sequin and feathers, floral crowns and disheveled braided hair, combined with very natural, «almost not there» make-up. Set against fading greens of the autumn garden, last hydrangeas and fragrant bundles of lavender. The quilt I pickled from Saint Paul de Vence,  traditional lace made by my grandmother, a bright shawl from my childhood days - wove some personal intensity into the shoot. 

The background boards were painted just days before, last minute precaution against a possible change in the moody autumn weather. 


There are so many things I want to share about this shoot, as it became more of a gathering of friends, than a formal production, and fuelled my creative energy for weeks to come. Perhaps I will split all my thoughts into more posts. With more behind the scenes and lighting set-ups to share.


Oh, yes. Postproduction. The hardest part was to pick the images. Once that was done, I knew, I wanted to keep the look as fresh as possible - all creatives have done such amazing job, I did not want any credit to go to Photoshop. Besides, with tight deadlines this time of the year, there is simply no time for even an hour an image.

As this is a stock archive production, I wanted to create as many colour + mood variations as possible. As opposed to an editorial with a strict colour look, this was an experimental play with my favourite colour presets (the post about that is almost ready.


Photography:  Luba V Nel 

Postproduction: RetouchRepublic 

Lighting Design:  Sean Nel  

Lights: Profoto South Africa

Model: Moya Fourie

Make-up: Madeleine Botha 

Hair: Riani Roets 

Styling: Nadja Seale 

Wardrobe: Vintage Vices 

Set design: Els Styling 

Assistant: Jana-Minette Van Der Vyver 

Set Manager: JéAnette Loots



The Light Shaper: Andrea Belluso (Profoto Workshop)

The Light Shaper: Andrea Belluso (Profoto Workshop)

Yesterday and today I had the amazing opportunity to listen to, and more amazingly, chat to Photographer Andrea Belluso at the Profoto Lighting workshop at the Open Window School of Visual Communication.

Profoto brought Andrea to South Africa to share some of his 30+ years of photographic skill and knowledge about light with the local photographic community and listening to the people talking amongst themselves, I think more than a few learnt a great deal.

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