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Wedding Photography Tips


Wedding Photography Poses

Whilst thinking about the content of your images – think a moment about what makes a good image. Certainly the trend is towards un-posed pictures but there times when posing is called for. See my tips for wedding photography poses.
Assign your own photographer’s assistant

The photographer will sometimes have an assistant – but how about assigning someone to liaise directly with the photographer? Incidentally, an usher is not necessarily the best choice – it needs to be someone that really knows the families and friends and can point them out to the photographer.
Give them a copy of the shoot-list and make them aware of any surprises that are planned so that you can relax and not stress about the content of the photos.

This can really speed up the formal side of the photography.

Giving the photographer an insight to the ‘secrets’ will ensure that those special, candid moments are not missed, like the unexpected arrival of a close relative.

Wedding Cake Photos

Decide how you wish to be photographed with your wedding cake – set up in advance or later as part of the party. A set up shot in advance allows the couple a little “alone time” and the photographer to get the image without guests crowding in. It can, however, lack the spontaneity and party atmosphere of cutting the cake with all your guests present.
Think where the cake is positioned in the ceremony room. It needs to be somewhere accessible with a good background but not some where it can be accidentally tipped over. Try and avoid a busy background and the corner of the room as it makes it difficult for the couple to access and to photograph.

Ideally it should be set up by the professional cake-maker. Wedding cake icing is susceptible to heat so don’t position it too early else the tiers are likely to sag!

Have the caterers place the knife or sword ready so that the groom is not scrabbling around at the last moment hunting for his weapon of choice.

Remember to photograph the cake by itself particularly if it has been made by a friend or relative as a photo will be appreciated as a thank you keepsake.
Consider an engagement sitting with the photographer you selected for your wedding

This is an important part of ensuring that you’re comfortable with the photographer you picked for your wedding.

Consider the following uses for the images:

  • Use the images on your invitations.
  • Have an album/framed portrait for presentation to your parents as Thank You on your wedding day.
  • Incorporate the images from the engagement sitting into slideshow and show it at your reception.